Research areas

Welcome to the website of Quantum Cosmos Lab

We are a scientific group at the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. We are theoretical physicists exploring the interface between quantum mechanics and gravitational physics, with possible ventures into advanced technologies. The main areas of our research are:

Quantum Gravity & Quantum Cosmology

Quantum theory of gravity aims to describe quantum properties of the gravitational interaction, which are expected to become relevant at the Planck scale… more»

Nonlinear Phase Space Field Theories

Compact phase spaces arise as the semiclassical description of quantum systems that are characterized by the finite dimensional Hilbert spaces… more»

Phenomenology of Quantum Gravity

The predicted quantum gravitational effects are very subtle and extraordinarily difficult to measure… more»

Quantum Gravity on Quantum Computer

One of the most serious difficulties in the quantum gravity research is analysis of the semiclassical regime of the theory… more»

Gravity/Entanglement Duality

Quantum entanglement is one the most amazing phenomena in quantum mechanics… more»

Quantum Space Technologies

Quantum and gravity do not only meet within fundamental physics at the Planck scale… more»